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Children enter KS2 when they are in Year 3. They come up stairs from KS1 when they are 7 years old

All KS2 classes are situated on the first floor of the school and they are named, like all the FS and KS1 classes, as Authors, with the two Years 3 classes being Enid Blyton and Jamila Gavin Class, Year 4 being Gill Lewis and J K Rowling, Year 5 being David Walliams and Anthony Horowitz and Year 6 being Malorie Blackman Class.
8.50:          Registration
9.00:          Lessons
10.20:        Playtime
10.40:        Resume Lessons
12.15-1.15: Lunchtime
1.15:          Registration
1.15:          Resume Lessons
2.50:          Assembly
3.15:          Home Time

Key Stage Two Classes are:
The school times for KS2 are:
Year 3 Class
Support Staff
Dan James
Becky Vallis
Tara Clark
Year 3 Class
Support Staff
Abigail Copps
Karen Hanrahan
Year 4 Class
Chantelle Ricketts
Support Staff
Sharon Masson
Sarah-Louise Guest
Year 4 Class
Support Staff
Lee Silk
Steve Cowell
Sarah Donegan
Year 5 Class
Support Staff
Steph Barkley
Vicky Simons
Year 5 Class
Support Staff
Suzanne Adeyemo
Joanne Mullally
Year 6 Class
Support Staff
Alex Snow
Gillian Alexander
Vicki Gaylor
Year 6 Class
Support Staff
Vici Dooley
Claire Wicks
KS2 Home School Agreement >

KS2 take part in Badminton Club, Football Club, Netball Club and Choir, although some of these are only available when they reach Year 5 and above. Parents are invited to their Class Assemblies and at Christmas Years 3 and 4 perform their own Nativity. At the end of the Academic Year, Year 5 and 6 perform a joint show, celebrating their time at Wilson School. During the year both classes enjoy trips to the Synagogue and the choir take part in the Reading Junior Schools Music Festival at The Hexagon Theatre.

During the year Year 4 spend two days with an overnight stay at Ufton Court and Year 6 children get the chance to go on the week long residential trip to Adventure Central in Minehead and in Years 5 and 6 the children get the chance to go on the week-long residential trip to the Gordon Brown Environmental Centre at Rotherwick. 

In Year 3 the Nurse comes in and talks to the children about Oral Health and in Year 5 the children visit the Victorian Schoolroom at Reading Museum as part of their History lesson.
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Year 3

Welcome Letters 

Year 4

Welcome Letters

Year 5

Welcome Letters 

Year 6

Welcome Letters 
Corry Sanderson
KS2 Assemblies

13th October 2016
Y6 Michael Morpurgo

20th October 2016

Y6 Malorie Blackman

17th November 2016
Y3 Enid Blyton

1st December 2017
Y3 Jamila Gavin

19th January 2017
Y4 J K Rowling

9th February 2017
Y5 Anthony Horowitz

16th March 2017

Y5 David Walliams

4th May 2017
Y4 Gill Lewis

All assemblies will be held in the Hall at 2.50 pm.
Hannah Maulini
Student Teacher
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