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foundation stage
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The EYFS at Wilson Primary School is bases upon the unique child successfully achieving and developing. At Wilson Primary School we believe it is paramount that during these foundation years children have access to a language rich and multi-sensory environment in order for children to flourish in all aspects of their development. Children enjoy the stimulating outdoor and indoor learning environments which are changed daily upon both the children's interests and our creative and inspiring topics such as 'Space: The final frontier' and 'Down at the bottom of the garden.' We have a large, vibrant outdoor area that we fully utilise every day throughout the school year.

The children have opportunities throughout the day to free-flow between classes and the outdoor area. The children's independence skills greatly develop as they are encouraged to follow their own lines of enquiry. Throughout the year children have access to a range of real-life experience through various visitors and school trips including a star lab and opportunities to handle a range of different minibeasts.
Foundation Stage Classes:
Morning Nursery Class
Support Staff

Lauren Lambden
Ness Lurway
Theresa Dawes
Ambareen Basa

Afternoon Nursery Class
Support Staff

Emma Knight
Ness Lurway
Theresa Dawes
Ambareen Basa
Reception Class

Support Staff

Jo Goodwill
Alex Cartwright
Helen Cox
Sarah Douey
Reception Class
Support Staff

Sarah Roth
Joanne Buckel
Doris Allimadi
Sahar Wilson
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The Principles of Early Years Education
The principles of Early Years Education are based upon:
• A relevant curriculum which builds on what children
  already know and can do
• An understanding of children developing physically,
  intellectually, emotionally and socially
• An environment where children feel included, secure
  and valued
• An environment where practitioners and parents can
  work together and respond appropriately to children
• An environment where children can engage in
  activities planned by adults and activities which
  children can initiate for themselves.

Units of work have been mutually decided and agreed by the Early Years Team in order to cover each area of learning sufficiently. The units of work have also been considered in relation to the Key Stage one curriculum in order to ensure continuity and progression within the school.
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